New York State Division of Parole

Victim Impact Unit

97 Central Avenue

Albany , New York 12206


Re: Parole Hearings for:


Paul Ford

DIN# 81B1297


Barrington Young

DIN# 81A2872


Cornelius Bucknor

DIN# 81B1301


Parole Board:


On August 14th 1980, Paul Ford, Barrington Young, and Cornelius Bucknor killed 43 year old New York City Police Officer Harry R. Ryman.  Harry was a loving husband and devoted father of five children.  Harry Served the United States Navy for 8 years and then served 17 years as a NYC Police Officer.


On the tragic morning of August 14th 1980, Police Officer Ryman was off duty when he observed three individuals attempting to steal a car.  After identifying himself as a Police Officer, he was fired upon and was mortally wounded.


Harry and his family have paid the ultimate sacrifice for this city.  Both Barrington Young and Paul Ford are up for parole in October, 2006 and Cornelius Bucknor is up for parole in April of 2008.  Please do not let these COP KILLERS out of prison.  Please give Harry’s family and friend’s peace of mind knowing that Harry’s killers remain behind bars where they belong. 


The undersigned petitions members of the Board to deny parole for Paul Ford, Barrington Young, and Cornelius Bucknor.






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Petitions to the New York State Board of Parole are placed in the appeal folders of those seeking parole.  Both the inmates and their attorney have access to the contents of petitions.  Do not enter information of a personal nature such as home phone numbers, fax numbers, or other sensitive personal data.