From the Pension Rep.:


A General Guide for the Widow
of a Retired MOS

Few situations in life are more stressful than when a spouse passes. All too often we have a difficult time focusing on the issues at hand and need guidance to get the deceased affairs in order. The following is a general guide for the widow/er regarding important notifications that must be made by the surviving spouse and information you should have on hand when a retiree dies.

• Notify the NYC Police Pension Fund either in writing or by telephone.

The address is 233 Broadway, 25th Floor New York, New York 10279 Attention: Retiree Death Benefits Unit Telephone (212) 693-5607/5919 (for members appointed after June 30, 1940 and for members who merged from Transit/Housing as of May 1995).

• You will have to provide the deceased first, middle and last name, the date of death, social security number, next of kin as well as the executor/trix of the estate and his/her address and phone number.

• To complete our records you will need a copy of the will, a copy of the paid funeral bill, the original or certified copy of the death certificate and a certified copy of your marriage certificate as well as YOUR social security number. These documents are necessary for any benefits that might be due you as per the member chosen options.

**For Members appointed prior to July 1, 1940, you will have to contact the New York City Police Department at 1 Police Plaza, New York 10038, telephone number (646) 610-8073/74 the Audits and Accounts Section Article 1.

• Contact the appropriate Union for a possible existing life insurance policy and also for continuation of optional benefits, if qualified.

Police Officers- Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association (P.B.A)(212) 233-5531

Detectives-Detectives’ Endowment Association (D.E.A.) (212) 587-9120

Sergeants- Sergeant’s Benevolent Association (S.B.A.) (212) 431-6555 Lieutenants and above-Superior Officers Council (S.O.C) (212) 964-7500

• Contact the NYC Health Benefits Program for Special Continuation of coverage application (coverage for life) located at 40 Rector Street, 3rd Floor, New York 10006 (212) 513-0470.

• Contact the NYPD Operations Unit located at One Police Plaza, telephone # (646) 610-5580, for pall bearers (all five boroughs, all of Long Island and Upstate New York but not beyond Dutchess County).

There are no words of comfort at such a difficult time, however if you have all the necessary information at the ready it will expedite any claim that is pending, make the process run smoothly and your stress level can be minimized.

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Thanks MARIE and LINDA

Eddie Woods
NE, FL 10-13